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mobile food pantry



Enlighten The World Ministries mobile food pantry distributes about 2 weeks worth of food every second and fourth Thursday of the month. We currently alternate distribution points at 3 different locations, Clinton Community Church in Clinton, Goshen New Life Church in Faison, and Harrells Park, Harrells serving over 1000 people each month. 

Sampson County, NC is the largest county in our state and very rural. 1 in 4 people including children experience a lack of food in Sampson County. It is important to provide large amounts of nutritious meals to those suffering from food insecurities. It is our mission to curb the statistic numbers. 

According to Jesus' parable of Sheep and Goats found in Matthew 25:31-46, it is all of our responsibility to serve our under-privileged neighbors. We do this with love and joy. We provide a bit of hope by not only feeding bodies but also feeding spirits. Before each distribution,  a  non-mandatory praise and worship is provided with and alter call following a message relative to listeners lives. 


Come join us in serving those with a lack of food. You will leave with a warm heart and sense of accomplishment. 

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