Mail donations to: P.O. Box 231, Roseboro, NC 28382
Thank you for your support to our community!

Welcome to The Lighthouse Community Garden!  See what we have started for our community!  Volunteers are always necessary to make this project work. Our volunteer participants will be raking, planting, weeding and reaping what we sow!  We are planting potatoes, corn, field peas, and onions. 

Yes, we will be putting sunflowers in to attract the bees!  All produce gleaned will go to our community. Bless our adventure!

Our Community Garden is partially funded by the University of North Carolina (UNC) SNAP-ED Program!

Robert Morrisey,

Garden Manager


Volunteer Participant

Hours:  8AM to 12PM 

              Mon - Wed

3 hour intervals are awesome, longer smiled upon!

The beginning of the

Light House Community Garden

We are in desperate need of volunteers to help Mr. Robert in the garden!!

The Light House Community Garden is growing!  Please come help make more food for the underprivileged!!!

Do you have a garden club?  Do you have community hours that you need to complete?  Consider coming out to our Community Garden and help to make our garden grow!!  God will bless you more than you can imagine if you give to one  who is in need!