Pastor Thom is the Pastor and Director of Enlighten The World Ministries. Pastor Thom was born and raised in York, PA. He is married to a wonderful woman, Pam, since November 2000. "We met December 1999 and went on a marathon date. We have not been apart ever since", says Pastor Thom. "She is the light of my life, my better half". Both being married before, Pastor Thom has 2 wonderful daughters to his previous marriage. Ms Pam has 2 daughter's and a son. "They are all grown and giving us grand-kids now", boasts Pastor Thom. "We currently have nine Grandkids, and can't wait for more", says pastor Thom.

In his free time, Pastor Thom enjoys doing most anything as long as it is outdoors in God's wonderful creation. He and Ms Pam enjoy playing Tennis, you may find them kayaking on the rivers, lakes and intracoastal waterway, they enjoy playing softball, volleyball, just about anything outdoors and active. "And if our kids can joins us, that just makes it all the more enjoyable", says the Pastor. But, Pastor Thom's greatest outdoor activity is fishing. "If I have some "me time" that is what I would rather do than anything else", says Pastor Thom. Pastor Thom also enjoys big game and turkey hunting.

Pastor Thom retired in July 2015 as a Web Programmer and Graphic Designer for the US Army's Directorate of Human Resources, Fort Bragg NC.

Pastor Thom has been very active in Men's Ministry and Youth Ministry for many years. As a Field Director for PromiseKeepers (A mens outreach ministry), Pastor Thom, visited churches and assisted them in starting a men's ministry or assisted in growing their current mens ministry. He volunteered at a few PromiseKeepers Rallies. Statics have shown that if a man with family finds the Lord and becomes active in the church, chances of other family members following is greater than 90%. Biblically, men are to be the spiritual leaders within their household. If we can make men the kind of guys God made them to be, our community may be able to come back to the biblical values this country was founded on.

Youth has been a great blessing to Pastor Thom. "Watching kids grow in Christ and be the people God intends them to be is the coolest thing to witness. Giving them the foundation for the rest of their life has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The thing is, I think they taught me as much or more than I taught them. For that I will always be grateful to the Lord for giving me the opportunity to be a Youth Minister and Sunday School teacher", say's Pastor Thom.

Pastor Thom's calling to have the outreach ministry came in December 2008. "God has been leading me down this path, putting one stepping stone in front of the other", says Pastor Thom. "we have steered His path diligently and now the ministry is growing leaps and bounds". "IT IS SO EXCITING".

Eddie Barnes

Eddie Barnes is the Executive Officer. Basically Pastor Thom's right hand man.Born and raised in Clinton, NC Eddie was saved as a teenager. From that moment, God blessed Eddie with people that discipled him into a young man that sought the heart of God. After graduating Clinton High School, Eddie followed the leading of the Spirit to Georgia where he met a wonderful group of like-minded, young ministers and his wife, Paula.

The next chapter of Eddie's life took him and the young ministers he met to Greenville, SC where they ministered through Redemption World Outreach Center and their inner-city ministry, OpGo (this should be a link since they like references). Ministry, marriage, and six years of service molded him into a man that desired to see the lost come to know God and the Body of Christ come together in prayer and outreach.

Soon after the birth of his first child, Eddie returned to his hometown with a desire to establish a ministry focused on unity. After much planning and seeking, Eddie followed the Spirit of God and moved his family to Clinton. Once there, he became part of of an established local church and started building the ministry that God placed in his heart.

Melody Pate

Treasurer for Enlighten the World Ministries, Melody Pate delights in both the behind-the-scenes work, and in the distribution days she can attend. She recently reached the 20 year mile stone in marriage with her husband, Cliff, and together they have 5 kids and 1 grandson.


When Melody isn't homeschooling her teenagers, she is serving at Clinton Community Church on the hospitality and prayer teams. She also loves hanging out with her church family teenagers, and many of them even call her, "Mama Pate." She is also a switchboard operator at Sampson Regional Medical Center, and a Pampered Chef Consultant! She would really like to be a family counselor when she "grows up," and a published author. Melody is also a cat-lady.


With a heart for ministering to wounded souls, Melody likes to read all she can to help whoever just needs to talk. She values the power of prayer, because she knows that the God she prays to, and the Savior she calls upon, cares about broken spirits even more deeply than she does. Because she loves to give, demonstrating the grace that God has shown her all her life, she has a passion for helping her community through Enlighten the World Ministries.

Nancy Sensenig

Nancy Sensenig is Enlighten The World Ministries Secretary. Nancy has been married since May 1993 to Paul. they have four daughters, Ambrosia, Stacy, Alyssa, Paula. That annogram of their children spell ASAP, please come home for Christmas ASAP. She also has one grandchild.  Nancy and her family happily moved to Roseboro, NC from Hanover, PA in 2014 for a change. We are so glad they did. They have been such a blessing.  Nancy really enjoys reading and learning new things. Above all she really loves serving Jesus Christ by serving people here at our Ministry and at her church.