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Heaven by Pam Miles

I was standing at the sink washing dishes contemplating the thought of heaven. Definitely a place I want to go, not necessarily today, but if I do I am at peace with it. What could heaven possibly be like? I am looking at heaven as an anticipation of what is yet to come. Something like a child waiting for Christmas but oh, so much better. I believe we will be so much more in awe in delight of the glory of God because we have no idea what we will encounter. The thing I am most overjoyed about is the absence of evil. No more evil. No sin. No more bad thoughts. We will not be concerned about bad news on the TV, what our hair looks like, if the wrinkle cream will work, if our children will be safe when we are away from them, if we will have enough money for the mortgage and college and whether we can tolerate one more day on the job with our boss who has just plucked our last nerve. So what does that look like? The absence of evil means that you won't have a bad thought, you won't be angry, you won't be competitive, you won't feel like you are worthless, and you won't feel negative. As I was pondering these things about heaven I began to think. You mean when I go to heaven everyone will like me? Everyone? Really Everyone? No thoughts of malice or judgment, jealousy, conceit or comparison? I won't have a bad thought, a curse word slip out of my mouth, a cutting remak, a jealous bone. I will be totally free from that burden? Yes!!! SIGN ME UP. Then why wouldn't everyone want to to to heaven?I don't know. It just doesn't make sense to me NOT to believe. I have so much more to gain by believing than by doubting. I don't know about you but I have so much more to gain by believing than doubting and I am tired of the negativity and drama of everyday life. I do know that Jesus said that He went to prepare a room for us in heaven. So.....let me ask you this. Do you have a room being prepared for you in heaven? Where are you going to spend eternity? Is it going to be in heaven? For me yes....The alternative is not even a consideration. I want to go and be with my sweet Jesus the day He calls me. To go unafraid and joyfully to Heaven. I want to see ALL of my family there. Not some but ALL of you. I just couldn't bear to know that you wouldn't be there joining me. And yes, maybe we aren't really the best we can be now. Mayble we don't do things totally right. We are still in the flesh. But in heaven we will be right. We will be crazy about each other. We will really really LOVE each other. Won't that be glorious? Simply glorious? It will. Come join me the day Jesus calls. Ask Jesus sincerely to come into your heart. Acknowledge you are a sinner and ask for forgiveness. Then talk with someone about your commitment to Him. You are on your way. Blessings

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