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                                                      The PatriotsPromise                            The PatriotsPromise Agreement


Following combat trauma, we do believe it is crucial to treat your body and mind with all the modern medicines and treatments   ---- but it's extremely important to also treat your SOUL. ------– PatriotsPromise is a community of people; actually we become family, brothers & sisters, committed to helping each other just like in service. We help one another heal from the spiritual wounds of combat, whether on the battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan, a burning house in your community or a shootout on a city street. The road will not be easy, there's no simple answers. Here you will find solutions that lasts, That's God's promise.  If you come with us, it will be your promise too, the PatriotsPromise


I'm sure your like so many, you've tried many different kinds of therapies, Psychotherapy, exposure therapy, deep breathing, exercise, yoga. Many of you have probably resorted to self medicating every once in a while with drugs,  alcohol, or food. 

Maybe of you feel lost in the system. The healthcare system for vets is so slow, don't know where to turn? I'm sure there are times you are just fed-up with it all. Just so frustrated and discouraged, feeling hopeless and helpless. Maybe even at the point of giving up. Have you ever thought that maybe your only treating part of the problem. 

Come on,  Give PatriotsPromise a try. You deserve it!

Suicide rates among active duty, veterans, first responder's and family members are at an all time high. Over 20 Active Duty soldiers will take their own lives every month, 16 veterans will take their lives DAILY, and First Responder's are more likely to die by their own hand than in the line of duty. 

PatriotsPromise was developed by vets for vets because we understand the challenges faced by the soldier and family members during deployment. These challenges last long term and adversely affect marriages, relationships with children, ability to work a sufficient job, many times, even the ability to cope with daily life. Many suffer from addictions, binge drinking, eating, sexual sin, homelessness and so many other self afflicting problems. 

How are we approaching the issues? 

Studies show that spiritual activities decrease depression and increase self worth. In addition, having an adequate support system improves success in overcoming whatever is holding us back from living a rich and fulfilling life. 

PatriotsPromise provides weekly spiritual support through worship and fellowship. We also promote family values by providing outings and outdoor activities. Check out our 30 acre recreation area for our participants, Bear Claw Flats

The PatriotsPromise memorial pays tribute to our nations military and first responders. It is still under construction. When complete visitors will be able to sit and pray or meditate for their soldier, veteran or first responder. You will also be able to leave prayers at the Cross. Take the time to check out the memorial and pay tribute to our nations Patriots. 

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