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Why Donate To Enlighten The World Ministries?

Enlighten The World Ministries Community Assistance Program (ETWM-CAP) has been an asset to the Sampson County communities of North Carolina for over 6 years. Operating as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, ETWM-CAP has experienced over 100% growth each year.


ETWM is a unique ministry because, first of all, we operate completely with volunteers. There are no paid officers or administrative staff to

reduce the amount of resources we can put into the communities in which we serve. Therefore, over 99% of your donations go towards helping the people that need it most.


Our emphasis is on communities here in Sampson county and all over the world. Our focus is spreading love and compassion where and when it is needed most. Whether it is helping a family following a catastrophic fire or assist a mother and children get out of an abusive relationship here locally, helping a city rebuild after a major hurricane somewhere in United States, or helping a poverty stricken community somewhere in the world, Enlighten The World is there to lend a helping hand.   Please Help US, Help Them. Use the button below to donate now.




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